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  • lostwanderers

    August 9, 2019 at 6:35 pm
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    quote Bailey post_id=498 time=1565367800 user_id=164:

    This is probably gonna sound corny, but as someone who has been robbed, I really would rather all aspect of stealing to be optional. It’s not something fun or funny for me to think about so, I think things like that should be up to the player to choose, rather than being forced on everyone.

    So if Alex decided to add crimes, I very very much hope it will be an optional thing so players can choose if they want it or not.

    I totally get that. It’s just that I remember how the robber encounters in the sims 2 worked, and how that would bring in an element of……the unexpected, I guess? It was just a feature I liked, and having a burglar alarm would stop them in their tracts. But, I understand how that may trigger certain bad experiences for some people.

    I just like the idea of not everything being so “sunshine and perfect” like it is in the Sims. We’re not talking about anything too rough or Consequences of some sort can bring an element of chance and thrill to the game. And we haven’t seen a really fleshed out criminal career track in a life sim yet. Even in the Sims, there’s not much yield you get from the criminal career track.

    If it’s gonna be rated Teen, you might as well find an approachable way to have fun with it.


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