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    September 15, 2019 at 9:16 pm
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    Same! That was a downside in sims. They need more free will to do things besides go to work,come over,call,ask to hangout. But to decide things in the game when communicating and building relationships even with making friends. Paras asking others out on dates and asking to be an official couple from the other party instead of having to be the one controlling every initiation.

    Like maybe when paras get married the engaged couple could have a conversation (but really like a text box that pops up) asking when should we have the wedding, and it could allow you to pick a season then once the time comes for that season another text box would come up asking how many days until the wedding ranging from 1-40 days (depending on how many days are in a season). Options to postpone wedding and so forth. Itd be nice if they don’t even agree all the time on the date of wedding,wedding party,guests invited haha. Tt’d be really cute 🙂 I think thats where every paras personalities would be more dynamic for gameplay as well , if this is even possible at all.


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