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    September 15, 2019 at 2:15 am
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    It’d be cool to be able to make corporations that can be built in skyscrapers because as like (The sims) we get a lot of mom and pop shops (entrepreneurship based businesses) which I love. but for cities settings it’d be cool to be able to have tech companies, an architect firms, fashion design houses, magazine companies, design firms/studios, etc.

    Other career ideas
    Psychologist (paras could schedule sessions and go to appointments to vent)

    Business consultant (gives paras who own businesses advice and help increase profits/net worth)

    Physical trainer

    Magazine editor and chief (run a newspaper or magazine business)

    Author career and Book publisher career (publish different paras books based on what is submitted by genre including description or summary)

    Franchise career (owning more than three businesses with the same name)


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