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  • gamedomino

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    September 11, 2019 at 2:41 pm
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    Alex himself was actually planning on making modding tools for the game so it could be possible.

    It could just be a program that converts the model to a body type you can use,

    Perhaps being able to just send the model to the steam workshop where you can then classify it as a body type, making the game automatically detect that it is one, which can then use the thumbnail from the steam workshop to show it on DAP (Design-A-Para)

    The sculpting and other features is simple as it is all through blender, so all it needs is mod support basically.

    If your thinking about a gallery, there would be one I believe.

    It is called the steam workshop, I am definitely sure everyone would be able to send their own parafolk there for others to download, and of course you can make it where if it has CC it requires them to download it through the steam workshop as well, which adds convenience.


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