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  • Clara J

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    September 9, 2019 at 10:56 am
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    Actually The Sims 3 has a way of turning zombies off, just turn the moon cycle to something else, like new moon, and not let it cycle through, stick it there! Then they had a button for each supernatural creature and animals too, as well as different kinds of weather! So turning these different supernatural things on and off is very possible, it should be easier then a lot of other things they are promising in the game!

    I would love something like the way they do in Second Life, the online social game, in it you can turn your Avatar/ their Sims/ Parafolk, into anything you can imagine, you have all kinds of parts to use on them, you can have actual furries if you want, with furry tails and ears on top their heads, looking human or actually looking like an animal if you want or you can make their ears they already have pointed like say a cat or an elf!

    Me I would like the idea of having the choice of creating my own creature if I want to, like on Second Life I made a cat human high breed like alien girl, where her ears are like humans, on the side of her head, but are pointed and larger, she has pointed teeth and claws too! Now in the game I have her with a long fluffy tail, but its not what I would use in this game really, its just what I use in Second Life, because it looks cute,lol!

    But like make it all optional, maybe either as a free add on or something that can be turned off in the game! Oh and make it none random if you want, even if you choose to get it and use it for a few characters! Because I hate that with the Sims 3 and 4 both had it where everything was random in the clothes, and with CC people make, they usually make even something like a tail or horns random, so even if you are trying to play without it, you have random Sims walking around that way! So you then have take out the CC if you decide to not play with that CC, but then if its not CC then of course your stuck with your random Sims wearing really weird clothes!

    But then there was the part with the Sims 3 when they allowed us to use all the supernatural stuff, like pointed teeth, ears, claws on none supernatural Sims, even use it with say another, like witches or aliens, but then in The Sims 4, they took that option away and so now they have to be the type of supernatural that the part is used for or you can’t used them! And the aliens are so limited, with only silly skin colours and weird eyes and then the voices!

    What I want is a game that gives me the same freedom to create a character as Second Life has, but without me having to be online, dealing with other people or having no one to play with! I want real control over what my character looks like, sounds like, walks, and acts, I want more traits, even more than the 5 or 6 of The Sims 3, because people have more the a few personality traits!

    I also want gender preference to be in CAS, as a choice, where you can choose to choose your preference or leave to chance, because if I am creating a gay/lesbian character I want them born that way, I don’t want the game to suddenly having my lesbian hitting on some guy all of a sudden, even after I had her flirting with a woman a moment before! Because the way the Sims is, all of them, they’re bisexual, not straight or gay/lesbian, because they seem straight one moment and get flirted with by their own gender and turn bisexual! I don’t like that, I want the choice to be mine, not the game or game makers!

    Sorry went off topic a bit, but thought I would throw the gender preference in there under having more control over my characters!


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