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  • Ashes

    Admin September 7, 2019 at 10:33 pm
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    [quote quote=4911]This is such a good idea! So you could set the climate, technology use, amount of spawned paras, maybe even the jobs they get. I love the idea of Influencing the culture. Like in one world paras are nocturnal or something idk. If we could create more than just the landscape of the world and actually influence the gameplay of that world, I would use the CAW tool as I’m not really a builder but building a world customized to my gameplay style would be a dream come true!

    This also makes me hope you can visit different worlds per save file but that’s a different discussion.


    Thanks for the feedback! Visiting different worlds is pretty hard to code, but I’d love to be able to without moving in these worlds and losing everything. Though, I know it would be a pain to program so I don’t hope too much. I’d already like if we could go in vacation in different worlds even if we can’t affect the world directly in that save.


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