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  • Eclipsed_Skye

    August 31, 2019 at 8:17 pm
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    Not entirely related but I think it’d be really nice to see the ability to not just order the types of hairstyles by texture-type, but to be able to set the texture for each hairstyle (a few extra textures/hair-types than what Sims has to offer would be nice, though of course that would be a loott of pressure on the designer of the models). A way to reverse/mirror the hair on a Para during DAP would be nice too.

    I’ll list some classics so people can expand though:

    Long-Cut Hairstyles: (Mostly Feminine)
    – Simple, down and free, with varying lengths (Sims never really had a hairstyle that was any longer than the shoulders? That would be nice if possible with the character models)
    – Basic ponytail, tied high, medium & low
    – Pigtails, tied high, medium & low
    – Single & double braid
    – French braid
    – Bob
    – French twist
    – Messy bun & Classic bun
    – Pixie cut
    – Bangs

    Short-Cut Hairstyles: (Mostly Masculine)
    – Undercut
    – Side parting
    – Fringe
    – Bowl cut
    – Curtains
    – Mohawk
    – Natural Look & Messy Look

    I think most of those don’t have a need for age categorizing, but I thought I’d just start off the list.


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