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  • Eclipsed_Skye

    August 31, 2019 at 6:16 pm
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    I hope that in the final game, the creator can feel free to build whatever based on their own PCs limitations, and if their computer can’t handle more than 5 floors then so be it.
    I remember there being a cheat code in Sims 2 which allowed you to build up to, I think around 255 floors in a single lot, and even though my computer certainly couldn’t handle that amount, it certainly handled over 5 + roof-level! I also figured out from trying to build a skyscraper in that game that there was even a limit to the amount of wall-pieces you could have in each lot?

    Either way, I really hope the game has a way to at least bypass any limitations that are set through cheats, codes or even in-game settings. Some people also have issues with using in-game cheat codes under the belief that “it would break their game”, and they shouldn’t feel constricted by what they’d like to build just because of that.

    And personal opinion but – foundation shouldn’t count as a floor-level! ?

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