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    August 30, 2019 at 6:44 pm
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    Text events in relationships in Paralives : Like partners could ask questions or do something and you answer yes or no agree or disagree with what was done. (For realism)

    Every time you para meets someone new they would just be added to a list of people they know but not to their phone’s contact list.

    Give good or bad relationship advice, encourage relationships, discourage relationships or give concern, encourage para to breakup with partner, influence relationship (positive and negative),

    Maybe an option to set up paras together like blind date, but the active para chooses a location in town then chooses two people to meet at the same location and find out they’re on a blind date.

    Group dates or double dates

    Table interaction for couples
    Hold hands while eating or talking
    Caress hand
    Play footsie
    Hint to leave restaurant
    Hint to go jiggly pow (equivalent to sims woohoo)
    Send loving gaze
    Feed each other
    Steal food from plate
    Throw drink on para
    Caress face
    Draw closer
    Propose to para
    Kiss hand

    The actions above can cause paras to stay in these positions as the romance builds/progresses. Most would be for sitting across from each other or sitting side by side.


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