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  • snek

    August 29, 2019 at 6:52 pm
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    [quote quote=4678]Sounds weird, but ultimately I believe this is a good idea because it would be original(mostly) and add lots of charm to the game,
    Quick suggestion though, there should be a little more to them besides just faster swimming and being able to defend themselves.
    Also in the DAP (Design-A-Para) it would be cool if we could edit the shark eyes and teeth to many different ways we would like too.

    You should also put this in the occult megathread which I believe is also the most popular forum post currently on the Paralives Hub.



    Thanks for your response! Those ideas are great! I’m not sure of what else they could do, to keep the occult rated Teen. However, as said in the original post, if they were to be included, i’d hope they could communicate with both sharks and human(type) paras.

    Other things they might be able to do is: Move while sleeping, female shark occults reproducing asexually via an ability called parthenogenesis which allows them to reproduce without access to a mate, light sensitivity that is about 10 times greater than humans, giving them an ability similar to nightvision in cats, which lets them use their eyesight on things that are close to them in dark water.

    By the occult megathread, do you mean ?


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