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  • lalarose

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    August 28, 2019 at 10:02 pm
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    What about Eyes and eye color for parafolk?
    The color-wheel and sliders are used to create any eye color and colors can be saved to favorites for later use.
    Options would include being able to choose both left and right eye colors. You can have the option of making two different eye colors in each eye of a para and size.
    Sunbursts: you can add sunbursts to paras eyes iris (its optional),widen or shorten,and change the sunburst colors inside of the iris (like a para with green eyes could have a gold sunburst in the center).
    Eyes both left and right could be rotated separately, to look symmetrical or asymmetrical this would include sliders for each section of the parts of eyes
    Eyelids (can be lowered or raised including monolid, hooded,absent eyelid creases)
    Lower eyelids can be lowered and raised
    Eye lashes (upper and lower can be lengthened or shortened)
    Tearducts (can be increased and decreased in size)

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