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  • Ashes

    Admin August 7, 2019 at 4:51 pm
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    I would love to see more inclusion, but to start off I’d say that if it is added it should be entirely optional to add to your game, even if it would be free. Because, some people suffering from these disabilities/disorders play games to escape the reality of what they go through, and even if it is well done they still wouldn’t want it. And also because in some case it could cause some of them to be even more stressed out when they only wanted to play to be relaxed. (Example would be someone with a severe anxiety disorder, they would play the game to relax. If their para, or another para in their game would go through the same thing as they do, they could get even more stressed out by it simply because they would try their best to “fix” it for their para, making it worse for them). That said, I would absolutely love the inclusion, personally. Although, some things would be hard to have a meaningful impact in the game. A blind person for example would be near impossible to code, given that all para would follow your instructions. Since you don’t play as first person, it wouldn’t really affect the game if they are blind or not, and coding it that they would use canes and such to walk around would make it near impossible. As for deaf, it goes along the same line. You could have them speak in signs, but it would probably take ages to code and might cause conflict with other non-deaf paras, unless anyone can speak sign. (Even if then, it would be a nightmare to code and animate, I’m pretty sure).

    As for mental disorder, doing it realistically would be important, but not everyone sharing the same disorder live it the same way. You have different intensities for the symptoms, and also people that don’t have all of the symptoms. That is variable for everyone, as everyone is different with it. Therefore, unless the majority is satisfied with a median representation, it would only cause backlash for the game.

    I’d also like allergies, but given it is a T-rating, they probably shouldn’t be deadly and more cause some discomfort and maybe some extra animations like itching or something like that.


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