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  • Ashes

    Admin August 6, 2019 at 12:23 am
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    Heya! I’m Jessy, aka Ashes on the discord 😀 I’m from Belgium, and my health is too bad to allow me to study or work, so that’s a bit depressing to open up with, sorry! But on another note, I want to thanks JP for the website, and the hard work he puts into it. I also am very thankful for all the other moderators and the community as a whole!

    I’m looking forward to have another contender in the genre, and I was already very impressed by what has been shown so far. I do hope Alex will be alright, and I’m sure that whatever he will add to the game, it will be good and enjoyable!

    Have a nice day whoever you are, and I hope that you’ll stick around!