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  • rose-black-vampire

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    August 5, 2019 at 8:50 am
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    quote JP post_id=394 time=1564993862 user_id=48:

    Good ideas! The game will support Steam Workshop for sharing user-generated content. I have never shared content on the platform though, so I can’t really share any experiences.

    I would also like to build a section on The Paralives Hub for users to create their own profile and share their creations. Almost like a community spotlight, you know?

    Yes this is very good idea , to have all the players their own profile and show their work and also to communicate with others and make friends. we have this in the sims series 🙂 but really we must have some options that will secure us from other players who maybe will try to “steal” our creations and remake them and re upload them to their profiles , and also to try to comment with hate or harassment or to bully others. The problem always with communities who are creative and share things are that. We have always 3 types of players, players who are really creative, players who remake the creations from other players and players who don’t care to do that and also don’t care to fight for the rights and no rights. So we all want this communities but we all are “afraid” for this wars. This is why i asked you to give us this option that allow us to let or not, someone to download our creation. We also like to make challenges 🙂 so, in this chase we must have open our creation so others can download it, remake it for some way and re share it. So maybe its better to have our creations shared always with the no download option active ? and to allow downloads only for challenges. I really don’t know :/ I just want Paralives to be alive but also safe for everyone 🙂


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