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  • frixmixus

    July 30, 2019 at 8:18 pm
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    Maybe a good idea could be an improvement of accuracy in traits,but from another point of view. What i want to say is not to add tons of traits in the game,but a system that helps the player in the creation of the character. By means of series of question for every traits you can give more details to the final result of personality, so in the end you’ll have a character that is different form the others because of his/her/its peculiarities. An example could be about a trait that we can call ‘coward’. In most of time you can’t be a coward for everithing you see, but you could be scared only about insects and mouses or something else.
    So with the help of this system of questions you can create a singular person,unique for his/her/its paritcular traits and it can gives to the player a deeper experience in the final version fo the game.


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