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  • dooble-dorf

    July 30, 2019 at 5:40 pm
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    Hi, I’m new to the forum. I’ve always thought that a hybrid system would be good for The Sims. Maybe sims could have every trait at neutral/undeveloped by default but do actions to increase or decrease them. This would be much like how skills work. You get more points allocated towards that trait when you do actions related to that trait.

    In addition to this, there could be a range of actions/wants a person could have based on their personality. For example, on the niceness scale, it could go from altruistic to neutral to downright evil. If a person is nice, they will have access to actions above and below nice such as grumpy actions up to friendly actions. Doing actions above or below will push your personality in that direction and will introduce new actions while disabling others.

    Additionally a person’s mood could come into play here. If a person is nice but they are in a bad mood, the range of actions available would shift down. Now a nice person could do mean things instead of just grumpy things, and could only do good things instead of friendly things.

    This opens the possibility of one person having an influence on the whole town, like if your person is a jerk to someone all the time, that could make that person become mean and they would be a jerk to other people. Over time the town could descend into chaos.


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