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  • rum

    July 27, 2019 at 7:37 pm
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    I personally feel that if something like this was enacted that instead of something like “Asian culture” it would be a specific Asian ethnicity. For example instead of saying Asian clothing, accessories, etc, maybe have it specified as Japanese clothing, or Filipino clothing, or Pakistani clothing etc. This is because I feel like just saying “Asian items” with it corresponding with only one or two cultures would be shallow, considering this region is so big, and might rub people the wrong way. This system of course could be replicated for different cultures like African/Europen/Middle Eastern/The Americas etc. But I do like the idea of having more cultural items.

    I personally think it would be cool if like in the sims 4 you could make or delete holidays yourself, and if we could have quite a bit of variety of what we could chose to happen during those holidays.