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  • altaa-ira

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    July 25, 2019 at 6:11 pm
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    quote murfee01 post_id=288 time=1564043532 user_id=314:

    What is the roof system is like? I hope we can have more and better options specifically as to roof materials than The Sims. If there are thatch roofs, I’d love to see actual thatch hanging off the sides, not just some flat texture. Same if we can have peat houses (like the Shire from LOTR), with REAL grass and moss growing on the roof. That we can GROW things on. 😮

    Also, I’m eager to see what kind of terrain system is there, and if it’s just as fluid as the curved walls are. I only play TS3, and while I like the up/down/smooth ability of its terrain tools, I do wish it enabled more shapes — things like the retaining walls hill system in that Paralives picture are only possible in TS3 with CC.

    Wonderful ideas! When it comes to the roofs, I’d love to see actual beams and those diagonal “roof pieces” (what are they called for?) typically seen as the part of the roof construction in attics. And a dome which really looks like the dome when looking up from the floor inside the building. And if there ever is cultural stuff, how about the “real” Chinese pagodas with all those stunning details and the roofs for the traditional Japanese buildings? If not as the official dlc/update, the modders could have proper tools to create the unique roof CC, not just recolours of the base game tiles and the tons of deco pieces found in the sculptures section like in the Sims.

    Daamn, the sculptable retaining walls will definetly be needed if there is any kind of CAW tool. It would save a lot of resources and nerves when the dev didn’t need to create several pieces of the wall with the certain fence and thickness. Or would it be better to have a fence-like tool instead?


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