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  • altaa-ira

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    July 25, 2019 at 3:31 pm
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    quote Ashalyn post_id=125 time=1563539926 user_id=131:

    I agree for more options for the tools themselves, but I just wanted to mention the settings idea because I never could really create a world with the stories I wanted to do (in the sims 3 for example, even if you wouldn’t put road and other families in the world, the sims would still spawn and look super out of place :D)

    Oh sorry, I always get overhyped when somebody mentions the CAW tool. Good points! I love how the Sims 3 have different worlds but the devs should have considered more careful the details. The common cars in Lunar Lakes and Dragon Valley look so awkward. >_>

    quote murfee01 post_id=286 time=1564042006 user_id=314:

    One thing I always wished for was a way to set out own lot moodlet types in build/edit mode in TS3.

    Oh yes please for this (alongside all that you listed)! I’m so jealous of those lot traits in the Sims 4 (dying to build my own the Grudge house for my Kajako and her son). :< But instead of one, could there be multiple traits/moodlets/whatever-it-will-be-called to be chosen for a single lot or building?


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