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  • altaa-ira

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    July 25, 2019 at 3:23 pm
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    quote yeetthesalsa post_id=248 time=1563920135 user_id=257:

    Thank you! As for the body type I understand what you mean.. I wasn’t really thinking of it being genitalia-related but more-so like flat chested vs not, broad shoulders vs not, more defined hips/curves etc. Maybe all of those things could be on a slider instead? Not really sure how they could approach the topic correctly.

    Good points! Isn’t that system how it works in TS4? I’d like to hear how the players liked it: is it useful to have separated masculine (always going to type “male” instead, so horrible…) and neutral/androgynous body type.

    I really hope the code structure is made understandable so the script modding (when supported) for the separated romantic and sexual orientations would be simple – and in the case these are not included otherwise. It would be the very interesting system to attempt for creating. #thenerdstrikesback :geek:


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