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  • murfee01

    July 25, 2019 at 9:13 am
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    quote swordtrix post_id=266 time=1563943458 user_id=271:

    Honestly I don’t want any of these in Paralives, other than the real life ones. Not even ghosts. It’s not the sims which is quirky, weird, and can get away with silly things that don’t entirely make sense in real life, but I don’t think I want that kind of approach with Paralives. I don’t think it would suit the kind of mood the game has shown us so far, but who knows. There’s very little shown yet and much more to see. 🙂

    You just brought up something I was wondering about:
    What is the overall theme of Paralives? Cuz when I first heard the name, I immediately thought Paranormal. My brain went IMMEDIATELY to occult lifestates. And yeah, we haven’t seen any of that so far — not even a conversation about how DEATH is treated in this game.

    In the Sims, I’ve always been dead set (no pun intended) against the argument that occults and fantasy were out of place, because since its inception The Sims has had the Grim Reaper and Ghosts as actual entities in the sims universe. A Sim dies, Grimmy reaps its soul in spectacular fashion, and the ghost can come back and mess around with everyone, and even rejoin the family or return to life or have ghost babies or whatever. That immediately invalidated every counterpoint about realism, because the Sims was always quirky and silly at its core, and sims are really a bunch of crazy people — they’re not realistic at all. 😆

    So yes, what IS the tone of Paralives? Is it 100% realistic? What happens when ParaFolk and their pets die? Are there funerals? Do they mourn? Can they perhaps try to intervene, and connect with the dearly departed (seances with ghosts and witches/psychics, voodoo with zombies and priestesses)? Is there any kind of religion? (In The Sims Medieval you get the Watcher — aka us players — worshiped by sims.) Is there any element of mysticism at all, where PFolk can stay attached to this mortal coil, and return from the grave? Are there graves? Is there any control over the paranormal forces of life and death?

    So yeah, I was thinking about all of this, and I don’t mind at all if they keep supernaturals to their own expansion/DLC/etc. The Sims 3 let us turn on/off occults, but there were plenty of other things you couldn’t turn off, like the ghosts and aliens. So, as long as the on/off option is there. Cuz I live eat and breathe fantasy, and I’d be super bummed if there are no supernaturals ever added in ParaLives.

    I do hope there’s religions though, or cultures added that acknowledge belief in the paranormal/supernatural, even if in the Paralives universe such things don’t actually exist.


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