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  • murfee01

    July 25, 2019 at 8:06 am
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    quote altaa.ira post_id=121 time=1563506986 user_id=152:

    For the CAW: absolutely yes, please! The CAW tool is a bless for ts3 and the main reason alongside the lack of style creation and open world, why I’ve not even touched ts4.


    I love this entire thread — I hope there’ll be a way to fully create our own worlds, with their own specific time periods (medieval, futuristic, fanciful, etc) and even cultures/lifestyles (living off the grid with little to no electricity or modern inventions; dystopian where everything’s going/gone to heck; or an edenic utopia like the Elysian Fields, etc).

    One thing I always wished for was a way to set out own lot moodlet types in build/edit mode in TS3. IIRC, CAW has a way to set the Beautiful Vista moodlet for parks and beaches and such, but what I would like in Paralives is a way to click a specific lot and say this lot has or is:

    • Idyllic/Rural/Pastoral: replete with lush foliage, calming winds and sweet scents in the air; ambient sounds of birds chirping or water rushing
    • Creepy/Haunted/Spooky/Scary: chilling mist and fog, unsettling sounds (owls, bats, wolves, bones rattling, ghosts moaning, people screaming)
    • Harsh/Wasteland: scorching wings and arid temperatures (if a desert); biting winds and subzero temps (if a tundra); acid rain, toxic waste, smog, etc
    • Metropolitan: teeming with activity, a commercial hub, hustle and bustle, ambient noise pollution, air pollution/smog

    But based on a ParaFolk’s traits and personality types, they might love that kind of lot’s environment, or hate it, and react accordingly. Take a cemetery, for instance. Some PFolk might e Cowardly or Easily Spooked or whatever, and hate anything having to do with death. So even though your Metropolitan!Cemetery is well maintained in the middle of a city, and is not a Scary!Lot by default, the PFolk still gets creeped out being there.

    Likewise, you might have a Goth sim who Hates the Outdoors or something, so if they go to an Idyllic!Lot they’ll e miserable the entire time. A tech savvy computer geek time traveller might hate the rustic charm of Idyllic!Lots, while ludites hate being on a Metropolitan!Lot with too much noise pollution from cars and people talking on their phones and tvs and radios always on.

    Or if it’s a wasteland, certain PFolk will react differently, based on their survival skills and traits.

    Something like that. IDK