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  • Sawdust

    July 24, 2019 at 11:43 pm
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    quote swordtrix post_id=266 time=1563943458 user_id=271:

    Honestly I don’t want any of these in Paralives, other than the real life ones. Not even ghosts. It’s not the sims which is quirky, weird, and can get away with silly things that don’t entirely make sense in real life, but I don’t think I want that kind of approach with Paralives. I don’t think it would suit the kind of mood the game has shown us so far, but who knows. There’s very little shown yet and much more to see. 🙂

    I can understand that and while there are certain occults I want in my game, there are some I do not want. This is why I think there should definitely be an on/off switch for whatever is introduced outside the normal Pal.


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