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  • rose-black-vampire

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    July 24, 2019 at 8:27 pm
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    Nice idea. I also would like to have more ages option by this i mean to have a middle age from toddlers to child and from children’s to teens because in sims 4 it feels not correct to have a toddler that can’t really walk correct and then to age up to a tall and perfect child 😉 i want to have a preschool age after the toddler and before children and a preteen age after a child (and before teen, who have complete an adults face body clothes etc.) so the story line go more smoothy 😉 for example i had a wish to create my real family into the sims 4 a simself household of us and i had really problem because the ages of my kids don’t really feet with the represented ages of the sims for example the toddler was so baby and the child was so older from my real small son. he is like a toddler ok but he don’t wear diapers anymore he use the normal toilet and not the pot, he walk and speak normally and he have his preschool routine with his kindergarten, and my other son hi is not a child anymore but he is not look-like a teen yet because is in the end of one phase ( child ) and to starting of the other ( teen ) ❗ if you can understand what i mean 🙄