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  • rose-black-vampire

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    July 24, 2019 at 5:39 pm
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    I take this from the “UPDATED: Environment Shapes The Character’s Personality As They Grow” topic because someone mentioned that he don’t like to add vampires and ghosts. I have write there my opinion and my wish about this, but i think is better to transfer it here too, because this topic have to do with all this. so this is my answer :
    I really like this and i agree ! The only thing that i disagree is “Please don’t add vampires, ghosts, etc..” and i want to ask why ? We have in real life people who are paranormal investigators or ghost haunters and i think its nice to have them in our game, and vampires as well. When i say vampires i don’t mean like the Nosferatu,or immortals with superpowers etc ! But I really want to have vampires, and if you don’t take me wrong, i can explain to you why i want them and how i want them. I don’t know how much you really know about people who claim that are vampires ( no from movies, life style, role-play etc ). I am one of those people and my kids too, we need ( really need ) to have balance in our energy to stay healthy. We can stay healthy only if we take energy from other sources. We have many types e.g. elemental vampires, Tantric vampires , Psy or Sanguines etc. I am a Sanguine/Psy, what that means ? I take energy from blood and lifeforce (Energy/Aura) of others to stay healthy. How and from who ? From donors ( normally good friends that they know and they offer it ) How, it is something that i don’t know if i can say it here, but it is not harmful or dangerous for my donors or for me. It is not like the sims. We don’t bite, we don’t turn into bats or fog, we don’t sleep in coffins and we can’t turn other people into vampires. You’ve born like this, you can’t become one. So if i can have a normal character to my game who have some different needs to stay healthy and if not feed he/she will be ill then i will be happy. I can speak more for how a vampire can become ill and how can stay healthy in other topic because i think here is off topic. But for sure we need ghosts and vampires because we have in real life people who are like this or who believe and searching or working for ghosts and vampires. Now because here is the correct topic, i want to add that we have some weakness some of us have really problem with the garlic ( but its not for all of us, some people love garlic ) for me is something to make me really to pass out. Another weaknes is the sunlight for our eyes the most of us we have lightsensitive, skin problems from the sun ( really skin problems and more fast from normal people ) if we don’t get fed for long time, then we become sick, how ? we can’t do nothing, no energy to get up to walk to do anything, orientation problem, headaches, muscle pain and many more. what is the good side, some energy / psy vampires can “read” others, or feel things that others can’t feel ( again not everyone can do that ) what is the physical differensess from other people, nothing, we are like everyone else, the only thing is that when we starving we become more pale, and our eyes change color but not something extreme different from our normal color, as for our fangs, they are a little bit sharper but not biger from normal, and they don’t change the size. I hope that this is helpful to the developers of the game to create more realistic vampires, of course many use contact lenses and fangs because they want to express themselfs but its not really that we have big fangs and glowing or unnatural color eyes.


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