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  • userafw

    July 24, 2019 at 3:58 am
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    I like the idea of having sliders PLUS personality points that could be spent on additional traits, because some traits are mutually exclusive. Neat or “clean freak” and sloppy or disorganized for instance, that are the opposite sides of the spectrum for different things. Then again, sloppy and disorganized are not necessarily the same thing, but both are not neat. Sloppy vs. neat could refer to how much surroundings mess tolerance the game character has, or it could refer to how well or badly the game character maintains their physical hygiene. Polite and rude are also other sides of the spectrum, as is good (or kind) and evil (or cruel), and as is serious/silly or brave/cowardly or over-achiever/under-achiever or introvert (loner)/extrovert (social butterfly). Another spectrum could be easily influenced/independent.