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  • parahope

    July 24, 2019 at 12:32 am
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    Actually, I’d love the lawyer to be an open world career! Imagine being a lawyer and having to choose to take on a client based on what you’d like to work with. Imagine having a court date set up, and you have to raise your characters logic and have an understanding of your clients case in order to help them get off.

    You’d choose options to speak about in the court-room, maybe some cases take longer and your character goes home and if they are a workaholic, have the option to work from home and do more research into cases and talk to witnesses or whatever the case may be for the job.

    Imagine having the goal where your character is in a courtroom you have the goal to try and get your client off the hook. You can choose to approach things aggressively or calmly and depending, it would be helpful or hurtful. And if you do win the case, you get extra bonus money and maybe even reputation raised as a great lawyer, or if you lose, some rep is lost and your character gets a sad moodlet or something like that.


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