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  • parahope

    July 24, 2019 at 12:29 am
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    I’d adore this! I have been wanting small critters like rabbits for a long time. And not just stuck in little cages. I’ve had a rabbit before and like you said, they are very complicated, but beautiful creatures. They are smart, playful and it takes effort and patience to get to know them, so I think even having it similar to that would be very detailed. Having different hay for the rabbit and toys. (Oh! Maybe even your character if they are good at building or woodshop, can make their rabbit or other animal self-made toys! And since they are made by their owner, it gets boosted love/happiness when playing with it). Maybe even the system has an understanding that certain fruits and veggies would be unhealthy for them to eat and too much could make them larger.


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