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  • parahope

    July 24, 2019 at 12:13 am
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    I would love more detailed babies. I’ve been crying about it from the sims for years. Babies are more than just sack potatoes. I’d love to have my character be able to feed my baby food in a high chair for example, doing airplanes or something which makes them happy and more likely to eat even if they feel grumpy, have the ability to put my baby in a stroller and go for walks. be able to play on the ground with them, give them baby toys, have them go through teething that you can help them with (teething rings for example), and generally be able to play with them outside the crib.

    As for toddlers, they could add toddler swings, (for outside and inside), being able to watch learning shows with toddler and mom teaches how to say a new word or helping with alphabet/numbers. Doing this will boost childrens learning, so when they go to school, they learn faster.

    I have so many other thoughts, but those alone would be epic.


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