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  • parahope

    July 24, 2019 at 12:03 am
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    I really love the idea of a trait being developed. To build off @sailordeco‘s example, not only could they become a bookworm, but perhaps a sub-category of that could be that based on what kinds of books they read, they could become a fiction lover and develop creativity/imagination from that, or if they love science fiction books, maybe they can develop a love of the supernatural or logic skill increases, something like that. Same if they read cooking books, they’d develop a trait where they are a food/cook lover.

    And with what @icey said, maybe it’s not just “oh they love the color red” but that the character knows if they are wearing that favorite color (maybe by presenting clothing in color categories if possible), and that causes a boost in their happiness or something. and with zodiac signs, the “compatible” characters they tend to find more attractive (also zodiac signs have preferable colors, so if you choose the same favorite color as the zodiac sign, every time your sim wears it, they feel more confident/empowered). And if their favorite music is on, they know it and get boosted fun or happiness.