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  • yeetthesalsa

    July 23, 2019 at 10:15 pm
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    quote altaa.ira post_id=243 time=1563918609 user_id=152:

    This looks a neat suggestion! To me, there’s nothing to be changed but on the other hand, I’m not the expert by any means in this field. …and that neutral/androgynous body type may be a bit problematic because by default, no para has visible genitalia due to the teen rating (to clearify, I don’t refer to any trans-related by this, please check my edited text in my topic).

    I really see the potential in having separared romantic and sexual orientations although, as earlier mentioned, it would need the separated romantic and sensual interactions. Maybe some of them could be the part of the both classes? It would mean some interactions would be purely romantic and everything else either “romantic/sensual” or just “sensual”. To prevent the hassle, romantic/sensual -interactions would not be automatic and it would be up to the player if they wanted their para to use them. But how about vice versa: can the para always and automaticly accept them?

    Thank you! As for the body type I understand what you mean.. I wasn’t really thinking of it being genitalia-related but more-so like flat chested vs not, broad shoulders vs not, more defined hips/curves etc. Maybe all of those things could be on a slider instead? Not really sure how they could approach the topic correctly.

    And I agree with you but like you said, there’s a teen rating which makes it more complicated when it comes to what would be considered sexual/sensual since it would be limited (I mean The Sims have the “woohoo” option but that’s as far as they can go with the teen rating) Also it might be more complicated to do in coding and also for game play to have the differentiation between romantic/sensual interaction, especially because everyone has different ideas of what qualifies as each and there’s a lot of overlap. That’s kind of why in my second option for describing sexuality I merely used prefixes instead of putting “sexual” after it. I figured that would make it lean more romantically without explicitly saying it. Hope this makes sense!


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