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  • yeetthesalsa

    July 23, 2019 at 6:47 pm
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    I love the idea of adding disability into the game to make it more diverse/inclusive! Like you said, it would be challenging to make it an accurate portrayal, but some basics would be good. Maybe include an option for prosthetic/amputated arms and legs, wheelchairs, canes/walkers, blindness (make sure not to make it stereotypical.. white canes, sunglasses, and glossed-over/missing/closed eyes can be optional but shouldn’t be necessary! Guide dogs could be an option, and there’s no one set “look” for a blind person), and possibly deafness (I know there’s controversy over it being considered a disability, but it definitely could use some representation if it could be implemented. Possibly some sort of signing/writing could be used for them to communicate but I’m not sure if/how this would work).

    All of this would definitely need research and input from the disabled community, but I think it has the potential to break a lot of barriers!

    Edit: Just to add on, but I think if this were to be implemented, it would be important to include it in either the base game or a free update because I think inclusion and diversity shouldn’t be something you need to pay extra for in a game


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