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  • ravzzx

    July 23, 2019 at 12:23 pm
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    Paralives Wishlist
    – Traits, being able to pick loads of traits for your parafolk to have from at least 5. This could then be genetic so then children could get a trait from either one of their parents. As well as when the parafolk age up from a child to a teen they could get traits depending on what activities and interactions they did. Like eating a range of food as a child could make them a foodie.
    – Timing of interactions, this is my biggest pet peeve in the sims as it can take forever for the sim to carry out an interaction like using the toilet will take 30 mins at least which is so annoying, so if this could be considered would be really nice.
    – Careers, having a variety of careers from rabbit hole ones where they just disappear into a building to ones where you have to carry out interactions. Example of these ones would be a nursery career and a dog trainer one. Which btw would be so cute.
    – Chance cards, having a ton of them would make going to school and work way better especially if we are unable to go with them. However they would need to be fitting to what they are doing and their traits and skills. And having some for prom and after school clubs.
    – Activity lots, another thing I don’t enjoy about the sims is the amount of bars, I would rather there was one bar in the city and one big Park and a small Park and then just having a range of lots like a cinema and fun fair. As there is only so much you can do at a bar.
    – Homework, another thing I hate about the sims is the amount of homework kids get as it take a lot of time and is unrealistic. A piece of homework a week is plenty and maybe if they are a teen they could get 2 and a test that they could revise for.
    – Boarding Schools, it would be cool as something your parafolk can just disappear to and come back with traits and skills and friends.
    – Proms, homecoming, a lil school disco for children.
    – The basic life stages, baby, toddlers, teens, young adults, adults and elderly really need to be included in the base game.
    – Crushes, maybe randomly the parafolk can get crushes on people, how often this happens could depend on a trait. Children should also be able to get crushes and have their first relationships and kisses would be cute.
    – Height, I understand that a height slider may not be possible but maybe being able to pick if they are short, medium or tall is??
    – Abortions and miscarriages, I could understand maybe being able to have an abortion feature or putting a child up for adoption but I think that miscarriages could be triggering for some people.
    – Outfits, being able to make loads of outfits just for one category is so good. So being able to make 3 for casual etc
    – Cultures
    – Having a variety of stuff for children and toddlers to do.
    – Appartments
    – Phones, having a cute lil phone with a variety of things to do on it. Maybe even social media.
    – Art style, the parafolk and pets looking more realistic. However the building and furniture so far look amazing. But not sure if they would really look the best for parafolk but then again I’m not sure about it
    – Elderly, make sure the elderly people arent like hunchbacks in the sims 3 but aren’t unrealistic like the sims 4
    – Tweens, a life stage between children and teens.
    – Skills, gaining skills from school and work and chance cards and videos and podcasts
    – Language, a separate language, nothing complex but some they could speak some gibberish. However if there are tshirts with text, I feel as though it would need to not be in English or an actual language
    – Expansion packs, supernatural, university, fame. However I feels as though things like generations, seasons should come with the base game. I know there will be seasons but having the interactions as well.
    – After school clubs, could affect traits and skills.
    – Relationship traits, depending on the type of relationships and your interactions the relationships could be awkward, tense, flirty, friendly, silly. Another idea is if around their family they behave more good but around their friends they are more silly and crazy.
    – Memories
    – Scrapbook, with pictures taken automatically and letters that the parafolk have written to themselves. Looking back at it or even a time capsule and getting the same moodlet as you did when you made the scrapbook or time capsule.
    – Double swatches like the sims 2 but then also the option of a colour wheel in case of lag and for people with different building abilities
    – Vechies, some more ideas would be a moped and motorbike. We should be able to customise the Vechies.
    – Pets, some more ideas are pigs as indoor pets like a dog. A fish in a cute lil fish bowl. Being able to capture frogs, fish and then keep them as a pet.
    – Signs and horoscopes. For example a Pisces could get an emotional trait but may find it difficult to build a relationship with a Leo but would still be possible. This was sorta in the sims 3 but didn’t affect much.
    – Furniture, a variety for children and toddlers like a chaching table, stroller, a lil car toy thing.


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