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  • evagonbla

    July 22, 2019 at 2:21 pm
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    I like supernaturals, and as I see it, the most common all around the world should be included, with some type of tool that could allow them to take the different aspects they take in different cultures. I would like to have them through genetics, but that’s just my personal taste, I’d love to have hybrids. Finally, I would like to have a new categorie for creating a character that allows you to add wings (butterfly, dragonfly, bat, feather), fangs, claws, tails (lizard, fish-no shoes, snake-no shoes, lion, horse, cat, dragon), halos, gills, scales, horns, etc, so we could highly customize a character even if we don’t have that type of creature in game. (Angels and demons could be easily added via this tool+character traits).