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  • altaa-ira

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    July 22, 2019 at 1:45 pm
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    quote sawdust post_id=217 time=1563799265 user_id=153:

    quote altaa.ira post_id=215 time=1563795062 user_id=152:

    Yes, create-a-occult was mentioned in Discord but was quickly shot down because of people’s fear of ending up no-so-fleshed-out occults. Personally, I find a lot of potential in it however if done correctly by the way mentioned above. It would remove a need for hybrid settings when the player would simply mix and match instead of hybriding and getting that one needed interaction from the other occult stage.

    sawdust: it would be considerable. How about to have static but transformable accessory wings with opened and closed versions: opened for flying and closed for the other occassions?

    Honestly I don’t see the need. If you consider wings in nature the most common type utilised for fairy type creatures would be butterfly wings. When they are static their wings, if we stood them upright, would hardly be seen as they would stick straight out from their back. It’s not till they open them that we would notice. (if you imagine the butterfly as a bipedal creature)

    I can relate to those who would be concerned about occults being left somewhat vapid. It isn’t something I thought of until I started reading this thread and honestly, I’m not sure if it could work at all, let alone work well but it is something I think would be a worthwhile effort to explore the possibilities. I personally would not want it to be part of base game play mainly because if it was to be done, it would be quite a bit of work and I think worthy of being it’s own DLC.

    I’m not a big fan of many traditional occult types. Vampires, zombies, werewolves don’t turn me on and based on another game, ghosts, “robots” and aliens have left me cold. Yet I do like some of the attributes those creatures have and the thought of being able to create my own fantasy world (my personal favourite genre) within a life simulation game does have appeal to me.

    At the end of the day the idea may well prove too ambitious or maybe, to truly be done well, it needs to be a game in it’s own right. Who knows, when the creator of Paralives has made his first billion from this game maybe he will consider making “Paraoccults” 😉

    So there wouldn’t be need for the closed wings when para sleeps/rests? And how about the paras with the bird wings? As you may notice, I’m trying to think of the other theoretical occult scenarios also.

    Yes, this shouldn’t be a part of base game and will not most likely be when it comes to Alex’s posts. It’s too demanding to expect one-dev team to create it alongside all those already-confirmed features. In fact, I’d gladly pay extra for this kind of DLC just because of my will to give my full support.

    I really hope the others could see the tool as the possibility to consider and examine than the threat. It would be a fresh, unique aspect to the occults in the life simulation game genre and as you said, would offer the players endless possibilites to create both traditional from various lores around the world and unique creatures they can imagine.

    Ah, please join the club! Fantasy custom worlds are my favourite worlds in the Sims 3 although difficult to create by myself.