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  • roobdoo52

    July 21, 2019 at 8:00 pm
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    HABITS: I like this idea I think sims 3 and sims 4 traits became too much about quantity and not necessarily quality. Having the 5 basic ‘personality sliders’ are a good idea and having them change during game play as well due to environmental factors will add depth however if this would be to difficult maybe having ‘habits’ affected by the environment instead of ‘personality traits’. I like the idea that somebody else mentioned about have ‘habits’/’likes’ and dislikes’ i.e. bookworm separate from the ‘personality traits’, what you could do with that is have the ‘personality traits’ interact with the ‘habits’ for example an introvert might become a video game addict or bookworm or something like that because they’re generally indoors.

    ENVIRONMENT FACTORS: You could go really in depth with this idea delving into the deepest parts of human psychology however you could simplify it down a bit by having milestones in a way. For Example once a child becomes a certain age you could get a pop up box that Evaluates how their childhood went and how that’s affected the sliders as well as what habits they’ve lost or gained along the way (You could have a look at Spore as they have quite an effective method of this). some examples could be: If they’ve had quite a solitude childhood then they’ll probably be more of an introvert, If they didn’t have many chores then they could be lazy etc. The sims 4 Parenthood introduced the character values which was ok but very basic like I said you could go quite in depth but not exactly necessary.