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  • squaw118

    July 21, 2019 at 6:00 pm
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    I Think The Farming Idea Would Be Awesome If They Have Cow’s And Pig’s And Chickens These Are Things That Are Lacking In The Sims 4 And Other Sims Like 1,2 And Sims 3 So It Would Be Very Awesome To Be Able To Have These Things And Be Able To Have Your Own Supermarket To Sell Your Produce And Such From And Be Able To Run The Supermarket And Hire Employees Also Would Be Nice Would Also Like to Be Able To Produce Milk And Butter From Cow Milk And Turkeys Dont Forget Those All Vegetables And Fruits And Herbs Farming Skill Should Play A Factor To How Good Of A Product You Produce Whether It Be Planting Or Gathering And Maybe Have A Aspiration To Go Along With Farming And Supermarket Owner…


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