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  • kliekie

    July 20, 2019 at 11:05 am
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    I like the personality traits, but I would stick to a 3 or 5 step slider and keep them dynamic.
    Sloppy | – – – – Neat = A swine
    Sloppy – – – – | Neat = OCD Neatfreak
    Sloppy – – – | – Neat = More than average, but not scrubbing the toilet on a daily basis.

    You have a working couple, both are 3/5 Neat. They live together with no kids, both do their fair share of tasks around the house. They get a kid, the man starts working more hours so the mom can stay at home. The mom would gradually become Neat 4/5 because she spends much more time cleaning around the house now, but most likely never a 5/5 because there is simply no time for that much cleaning with a kid 😀 And the man would gradually become a 2/5 Neat because he’s working more so less household activities for him, but he would never become a 1/5 because he still has the decency of cleaning up after himself.

    Keep an optional system or cheat to lock those traits, in case you really don’t want your people to loose/gain a certain trait. Or maybe even lock it per slider step. i.e: Only allow Neat 2/3/4 but never 1 or 5 so you can avoid over-exaggerated effects.


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