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  • altaa-ira

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    July 19, 2019 at 9:02 am
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    Pardon me my stupidity but what do you mean by baroque in this context? To me, it’s the term for the certain historical music and art period before neo classical era and is considered as the subgenre of the classical music genre such as romantique and impressionism. In addition, baroque pop is the separate term for the certain pop(ular) music in which is used the same kind of musical structure as the classical baroque. The famous examples of this category are the Beatles’ “Yesterday” and Fool’s Garden’s “Lemon Tree”. Otherwise, never heard of that term. And I though to be a kind of music nerd. :<

    About the new age: as a big fan of it also, I find it a bit strange to include music which is generally speaking considered as part of it without hestitation. I refer to the artists/musical projects such as Enigma, Era and Karl Jenkin’s Adiemus whose music is inspired by both classical and ethnic world music. On the contrary, Enya is more controversial; can we consider Enya’s music new age which she has personally disavowed?

    Sorry for this kind of nitpicking. I’m thinking of this carefully because of my personal liking of the favorite music feature in ts3. I like to create characters of various ethicies. It would be nice to make some of my characters like music of their own country, not just world music genre. I know this by experience: I have people in my family circle who prefer listening only the music sang in their native language They could never even consider listening voluntarily to the music containing lyrics they don’t understand at all. You can only imagine how much my music taste has been criticised due to this aspect…


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