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  • altaa-ira

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    July 19, 2019 at 3:29 am
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    For the CAW: absolutely yes, please! The CAW tool is a bless for ts3 and the main reason alongside the lack of style creation and open world, why I’ve not even touched ts4.

    Due to my experience of messing a lot with CAW tool in ts3, I’d like to suggest the following features with addition to the features already existed in the Sims’ version:
    • a multilayered world. By this, I mean it would be possible to create floating cities like Laputa above the existing cities, roads/bridges crossing the functioning buildings and to have the underground world, for example.
    • functioning pond/lake tool. Ever tried to place any kind of water outside the lots and above the sea level in ts3 CAW? Fortunately, there finally exists the proper water plane CC to be used but before it, it was absolutely pain in the a**.
    • flyovers and versalite road infrastructure system including highways, one-way roads etc.
    • the ability to build anything under water
    • the cave tool. Same kind of mechanics as in the terrain tools but working vertically
    • the ability to rescale and change the colour of the deco objects
    • the ability to change the colour of flora
    • the easy tool to manipulate .ini files (the colour of sunsets, sea water, weather effects, clouds and so on)
    • as mentioned earlier, the ability to turn off modern era’s inventions like electricity and cars or replace them by steam engines or horse wagons, instead
    • the tool to create a functioning public transport system. The Zephyr train is neat in ts3 but pretty difficult to replace to any custom worlds.

    I’d definetly buy this as a separated dlc.


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