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  • altaa-ira

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    July 19, 2019 at 2:52 am
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    quote Ashalyn post_id=80 time=1563442141 user_id=131:

    I like the ideas of more uncommon occult states, but I really wish they wouldn’t all be friendly and fit more the folklore that they originate from. For example, the idea of Kelpies (faeries looking like horses that lure you into petting them to drown you) or Selkies to stay in the same folklore (which are humanoid looking faeries that can turn into seals). Skinwalkers could be interesting to see also, having the possibility to change to different animals through the use of a “costume” made of fur/skin of said animals (normally they should look a bit off, like not fully transformed, but that would be hard to make I guess). As for werewolves, I’d like to see something more along the lines of Underworld or Van Helsing or even fully transform into a big wolf, not just a bit of hair growing on your body and face and a weird jawline. Maybe some Djinns also? I know you posted the genies, but I feel like they are different in nature. And more occult pets also, like the witches being able to get a cat or a bird that would be magical, or hellhounds or some forest animals that for the fairies/druids/elves, some plant-like “monster” for plant creature if they get an humanoid form (as a friend or an helper maybe for some tasks maybe) and maybe some sort of kraken that siren/mermaids could summon to attack (and possibly kill) other people.
    It would also be nice if there could be a talent tree maybe for the occults? To have some variety in the same occult state. Or at least, them having a bigger impact through their powers.

    Good points! Lesser-known occults are more than welcomed!

    When discussing in Discord channel, I suggested a create-a-occult feature (as a dlc because it would need a lot of coding). It would make possible to create the any kind of occult and would be easily customable by the modders. It would give the player the freedom to choose
    • the life span
    • the abilities (a looot of different choises, not just what we’ve already had in the Sims)
    • the skills
    • the weaknesses
    • the different body shapes including anthropomorphic body parts – fauns? Centaurs? Gorgos? Harpy?
    • can a mortal transform/become? How? By a curse? Shapeshifting? Becoming undead? Or is it just genetic and its own separated life stage such as djinns and selkies mentioned earlier?
    • etc. (I’ll update this post if you see potential in this system)

    I have a huge text file collected from the different lores around the world. When researching and collecting it, I found out having just a certain amount of default occults would exclude a lot various lore versions. For example, vampires in the Philippines, yookais (demons) in Japan and Finnish, Baltic and Scandinavian “gnomes” and “elves” may differ a lot compared with their European counteparts.

    If it’s not the considereable idea, would it be possible to give modders easy tools to create their own custom life stages instead?


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