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  • Dino

    November 20, 2022 at 11:32 pm
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    I think these are the main ones that should be implemented. Accounting, Medical, Fitness, Education, Technology, Retail, Cooking, and the Arts. I feel like at least 1 good rabbit hole for each is necessary to keep the world really well rounded.

    Accountants can unlock certain financial aspects to the game other than having a checking/savings account… maybe like an investment service of some kind. Someone with medical knowledge can heal sick paras more effectively from basic illnesses or those recovering from child birth. Retail workers can unlock more build/buy discounts or cool clothing/hair styles….. etc.

    I want to see few job fields but have them more in depth with plenty of options within it and how paras in those fields can impact the world around them with their new knowledge. I also want to see some inter mingling with these jobs where if you have a para with high skill but in a different field…. have unlock able professions that are high paying but more dead end jobs.

    Like being a….

    1. School Nurse (education/medical)

    2. Restaurant owner (cooking/business)

    3. Medical Insurance Accountant (Medical/business)

    4. Fitness Model (Retail/Fitness)

    Rabbit hole full time jobs

    – Business 1: Customer Service – Data Entry – Lead Data Entry – Supervisor – Manager.

    – Business 2: Collections Agent – Accounts payable – Accountant – Supervisor – Financial Advisor.

    – Fitness 1: Dietician – Yoga instructor – Massage Therapist – Physical Therapist – Wellness Advisor.

    – Teacher 1: Substitute Teacher – Teachers Aid – Teacher – Head Teacher – Principle.

    – Doctor 1: Nurse – Lead Nurse – Doctor – Specialist – Surgeon.

    – Retail 1: Cart Attendant – Truck unload-er – Register guy/gal – Team Lead – Supervisor.

    – Cook 1: Bus Boy – Line cook – Lead Cook – Chef – Specialized Head chef.

    Commission based non rabbit hold type jobs

    – Painter, Writer, Farmer.