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Paralives Hub Forums General Ideas Idea/suggestion: Mystery / Occult / Paranormal Content Reply To: Idea/suggestion: Mystery / Occult / Paranormal Content

  • <div>Sims franchise always does a shallow job at occult types. People are drawn to para lives with its more in depth implementation of certain ideas which helps them stand apart from their competitor. So I hope they focus on only 1 occult type only and go extra hard in it. Something that a Sim player will have to acknowledge how great they did in certain areas. My hope is for para lives goes extra hard in the witch occult type.

    Taking inspiration from American Horror Story Coven. The idea of having a para folk go on a journey to try and become the next “supreme”, or just joining a witch rabbit hole career to live a balanced magic/normal lifestyle.


    Include 3 categories of powers that all witches can learn. Enchantment/Potions/Verbal Spells. Some paras who love cooking may find the potions line of power be easier to learn… Those who love working with their hands would be excellent with enchantments… Those who are charismatic may find verbal skills easier to access.

    1. Supreme : Has 5 Main powers. 100% success with all 3 categories of magic.

    2. Base Witch : 1 – 3 Main powers. 70% success with all 3 categories of magic.

    A normal witch can inherit a main power genetically. Increase success rate or power of magic when casting it with another para to live out my TV show Charmed series fantasy. The current supreme will always have a limited lifecycle so when their life is over, their power will choose from a small pool of chosen paras which could be yours. Don’t want to wait then learn all 3 lines of power, poison the current supreme, and force the test to happen early to see if you can snatch the power. The test would need to be taken with 2 other paras and only 1 will survive.

    Make the powers simple but impactful to the environment around them, the 3 lines of power can be more like cheats to the game, playing with the lifecycle or including a genetic power passed down along with their eye color/hair color… etc shouldn’t be too hard to implement. Adding in the test event shouldn’t be too hard hopefully as well.

    I think the most difficult thing would be the idea of things you can do as the most powerful witch. Can you create more witches? Does your magic impact the lives/environment of regular para alot? How can they impact other regular witches like can they take away their magic or help make them stronger in case they are looking for a successor?

    Implementing a AHS Coven system might be much but I am just hoping for a TV Show Charmed edition where you can have witches just learn magic and join together in a mini coven to increase the power or unlock other types of magic.


    Posted November 20, 2022 at 11:00 pm