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The Paralives Hub Forums Gameplay & Simulation Ways to “Save” Legacy household for orphan legacy children until YA? Reply To: Ways to “Save” Legacy household for orphan legacy children until YA?

  • MagaCarter

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    September 12, 2022 at 8:22 pm
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    I want to be able to “save” legacy houses so random Paras don’t end up in them. So selling the house isn’t an option until Gen 9 gives birth to Gen 10

    I think you might not understand what I was saying With the Sims for people playing legacies technically the heir of the legacy has to live in the house the founder started. So that on the death of the last adult para (but still living minor children) the house can’t be sold. But if the guardian can’t move into the house (because of their own children or something). And the children have to move into the guardian’s household. I want there to be a way to “save” the house so that when the heir is of age (or gets empicated) they can move back into the house to continue the legacy. So the house being sold isn’t an option.

    So the only 2 ideas we got on the discord was:

    Guardian opens it to tenants but save the money for the the children they’re looking after

    Guardian arranges for someone to take care of it until the children are of age/children are teens.