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Paralives Hub Forums General Ideas Idea/suggestion: Mystery / Occult / Paranormal Content Reply To: Idea/suggestion: Mystery / Occult / Paranormal Content

  • Hey, I would LOVE Occult Parafolks. Occults, fantasy, and sci-fi stuff are literally my favorite part of these funky life-simulation games. I love what kind of spin they add to a game like this. Sims 3 was my all time favorite life simulation game. We had everything and I was hoping for basically everything we had in Sims 3, in Sims 4 but with updated graphics, animations, programming, character creation, and build mode. Nope. Not even REMOTELY what I got. I got updated technical stuff and character creation and 10X easier modding, which is fantastic.

    But basically got completely screwed out of Occult Sims for years. They COMPLETELY nerfed the aliens, the mages we got were really cool even though the familiars were kind of a failure but we are still super lacking in Occult content. And more than half the freaking players are going on and on and on about this boring hyper-realistic content. If that’s the way you enjoy your game, fine, but please make Occults an option for the rest of us, maybe?

    I just saw on the Wikipedia for Paralives that Alex Masse confirmed he wanted a “Realistic life simulator” and that Occults would not be in the game AT ALL but I could have sworn that he said he would love to add Occults in future updates when I was subscribing to their Patreon last year. So what’s the deal? Does anyone have an update on this? Occults are a huge part of the game for me. I am not interested in a fully realistic life simulation game. That’s kind of what ruined Sims 4 for me after having so many awesome Occult Sims in Sims 3.

    Everyone suddenly started wanting this hyper realistic nonsense and I’m not here for it. Do we have a recent, summer 2022 update confirming whether Occults are going to be part of the game or excluded? I am REALLY looking forward to this game and I will be freaking devastated if Occults aren’t added because they’re my favorite part of the whole game.

    I live real life everyday, I want some fantasy in my life simulator. It’s really fun to imagine what you’re day to day life would be like if you were a mage, a vampire, werewolf, fairy, merfolk, PlantSim, imaginary friend, etc. It’s very interesting for me to have fun living day to day things like work, budgeting, but oh I have a potion store to take care of people are doing duels outside my store, uh-oh! Like it just adds such a fun twist the game and that’s what I love about it. Exploring these fun little fantasy cultures and the “secret” societies of these different, very unique groups of people. And it’s really bothering me that they’re being completely removed from the game. I really hope not. If there’s no Occults in Paralives then I probably won’t buy the game.

    Posted July 31, 2022 at 8:52 pm