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Paralives Hub Forums General Ideas Monthly Brainstorming. Reply To: Monthly Brainstorming.

  • 1. Dogs, cats and horses are confirmed for the game. What breed would you like to see in the game? Dogs- American Cocker Spaniels, Puffed Chinese Cresent, French bull dog, Labour’s, bernse mountian dogs (ie: like Doggo), dalmatians, Great Danes, Jack Russells, . Cats- black cats, Siamese cats (so if one of my paras want to own a cat, they can own a Siamese cat which they can name Sagawa), Horses-Abrian, Mustang, Applosso

    2. What kind of pet furniture and items should there be in Paralives?
    Dog bed for dogs (unless they pefer to sleep on the owners’ bed)
    crates? dog houses (not for bad behaviour but for protecting the dog from heat/sun or the cold)
    Cat-cat condos/stratching posts?
    food and water bowls?
    dog toys, cat toys

    3.What kind of interactions should a Parafolk be able to have with their or someone else’s pet?
    petting, being able to walk a dog more than one dog at the same time. petsitting others’ pets, Adopting a stray dog or cat

    4. How complex should a pet’s traits and needs be? What would be different reactions they could have? I don’t think they would need to be too complex since at the most it would be food, bathroom and what I can only call “love” from their humans. Different reaction.. maybe it depends on how they were raised? Like a dog whom didn’t get a lot of attention as a puppy might get worried about their owner leaving them behind when its gets a new owner? And maybe if a dog was raised around cats It would be fine with cats

    5. What kind of pets related jobs would you like to see?

    Police dogs, service dogs (if we get disablities), thepary dogs/cats. if you’re talking about if you’re talking about human jobs- veterian, or a volunteer at an animal shelter, pet groomer, traine

    Posted May 9, 2022 at 7:20 pm