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  • MagaCarter

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    April 4, 2022 at 10:07 pm
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    What needs would you like to see in Paralives? hunger, sleep, bathroom, shelter. Independence and love could be more complex needs

    How would you proitize or caterogirze needs?

    I think sleep would be the most important. You can techinally surive a few days without food. Like I have heard of stories where a single mom doesn’t eat and gives the food to their children. Sure some people don’t need a lot of sleep and some do. I think bathroom might be 2nd.

    How would ignoring a need for too long impact Parafolks? Don’t know about eating. But they shouldn’t die of starvation after only a day or two, only like maybe 4-5 days after? Maybe for bathroom they might have to litereally run to the bathroom if they tried to hold it in for too long? Sleeping -I don’t think they should pass out right away on the floor (or not unless they’re also ill),

    What would be different ways to fulfill each need? hunger-eating of some kind- home, delivered, or eating out (either restaurant or a picnic), or eating a snack (chocolate, ice cream,etc), Sleep someone on the discord mentioned tea for paras whom can’t sleep what about hot coca? Bathroom if they’re not near a bathroom and they might be out in the wild, they might need to go in a ditch, or behind a tree or something? Alternatively all businesses/buildings are open to all Para Citizens for them to use the bathrooms in the buildings if they’re really desperate. Shelter- maybe if they are of age (ie a YA) they might need to ask a older friend or a family member if they could couch surf on their couches until they have money to get their own place (alternatively they can stay at home with the parents). But maybe for a shelter for a first para one makes might be the homeless shelter should be the starting point and they stay there and get help with getting a job until they can find their own pad?.that YA shelter idea can also apply to emancipated teens whom leave the family nest early.

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 1 month ago by  MagaCarter.