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  • don’t know if I mentioned here that I think places like the town hall or library and banks should have ramps for paras with wheels to get to the services. It can also apply to businesses. It could be a standard ramp Or for some stores which don’t have a place for a standard ramp it could be one of those, portable once they can request? And also the world should have a lot of curb-cuts for street corners.

    On the same topic:

    I think that Paralives fast-food restaurant drive-thrus should be more accommodating like European ones unlike the North America’s worrying about safety over convince for potential customers/patrons.. It wouldn’t just benefit disabled paras but have a curb-cut effect of helping non-disabled paras as well. For instance lets say Para Maggie goes out rollerblading one day- and she gets craving for fast food and unless she took a backpack with her she wouldn’t have alterative shoes to wear inside the restaurant and she could just go thru the drive-thru instead on the roller blades.

    Posted March 24, 2022 at 3:11 pm