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  • What town services and businesses would you like to see in-game?

    For services I’m going to be a bit broad Emgerncy services, Events and Festivals, Garbage and Recycling, Health, Liscene and pemrits, park and Rec, Roads and Transportation (I would like to see buses/trains/.taxis) and social services. Businesses: hair saloons, clothes stores, theatre (both movie and live), grocery store, library, drug store(?) maybe thrift stores for more frugal player?

    Which services could be offered by Para folks or NPCs (e.g. mail carrier) and which ones could be lot services (e.g. town hall, library, etc.)?

    Even though some jobs like mailcailer or maids could be done by NPC it would be nice if our paras could get these jobs as well. I mean what if I delete the entire town and put my own Para creations in and I might want one of them to be a mail cailer or a maid? Even though library and town hall could be lot services, it would be nice if paras could get a job there (ie: librarian or a page teen job for a library or maybe a sectary for town hall or being a counseller trying to deal with mayor if the may isn’t one of your paras).

    What kind of town services and businesses could be specific to one town or season? As other people said maybe a skiing in the winter, and boat rental in the summer? I’m not sure of any services should could apply to one town through?

    Which services could be offered at home and which ones would you need to go out to get?

    To answer the first part of the question. I want an army of live-in domestic services, from hall boys
    and Scullery maids (teens only)-to Butler and or house keeper. Including upstairs/downstairs maids and Footmen, as well as chauffeurs and nannies For outside stuff- well doctor’s visits, and school. For other paras, like baby-sitter could be done at home? Oh a service I didn’t mention is day-care both the at-home kind or the professional one.

    Which businesses would you need to call or visit to obtain what they offer?

    Doctor’s offices or a dentist appointment. Maybe school ( I know it’s a service, not a business) if you’re new to town with a school-age child? I agree with the others that we should be able to either order or shop for food and not have it avaible all the time in the kitchen The Tattoo thing, it’s not a big deal for me either way, not a lot of them would get tatts anyway


    Posted March 7, 2022 at 9:08 pm