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  • MagaCarter

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    February 7, 2022 at 10:00 pm
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    😱What emotions would I like to see in-game? <div>

    Anger, disgust, enjoyment, fear and sadness.

    🕑 How long should moods and emotions last? Well it depends on what’s happening around them? Like if a death of a family member could last a bit longer then a death of a complete stranger

    📺What types of actions/interactions could affect your mood? Maybe when a para is angry or sad, they can go and watch something ,or play games on the computer or read a book for a bit?

    😡Should moods and emotions be influenced by the current life stage of the Parafolk? If yes, how? Yes . Like a toddler is more likely to have Temper tanrums then children and teens. Teens might just sulk and swear.

    🏫How do you want your mood or emotions to affect your daily activities (work, school, etc.)?

    if they get fired, they might be angry or sad. Or at school like in gym (P.E.) and your para’s team lost they could be sad, or at school a teacher might say the para’s kid ‘s painting, or story is “bad” so the para kid might be upset, or angry? Or maybe if a Para kid/Teen is in drama club, and they might audition for Part A but they didn’t get that part? they might be angry or sad? Or that if a partner founds out the other partner is cheating on them they could be mad, or sad?


    👫How could the mood of a Parafolk influence or affect others around them? Well maybe if Para teen says hurtful stuff to the parents (or siblings), the parents/siblings, can be upset/ or hurt? It could also affect Para Teen as well, because they might feel remorseful?

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    • This reply was modified 12 months ago by  MagaCarter.